vrijdag, januari 28, 2011

Lighting tests for "The Teeth of Time"

Two stills, of how the look of the film should be.....! Together with lighting cameraman Jelle Mulder, we made this lighting tests of the puppets in the final sets. Off course we need to do some "photoshopstuff", like a gradient in the sky, sparkling stars, remove dust....

woensdag, januari 12, 2011

Hard copies

Today we painted some hard copies of the clay characters of "The Teeth of Time". A lot of work, but we're getting there.... Here you can see some work in progress stills.

zaterdag, januari 08, 2011


Everyone best wishes for 2011, with much health and creativity! A new year, with new chances.....
We hope to make a lot of interesting applied animation this year... And off course, try to get the Animated Short "The Teeth of Time" and the children's series "Sven's Hat" in production.
That a lot of beautiful productions can be made...