zondag, november 27, 2011

"The Tumblies"

I started working on the storyboards, together with Ramon Verberne, for a brand new pre-school series. Pink, blue, yellow and their little dog, will act in 78 funny episodes of 90 seconds. The show will be broadcasted by the KRO (The Netherlands) in the end of 2012. "The Tumblies" will be produced by il Luster Productions, and will be made in CGI.

maandag, oktober 10, 2011

woensdag, september 28, 2011


This is a first colortest of how "Sven" can look like in his fantasyworld.....

dinsdag, augustus 09, 2011

Stopmotion animation

For the animated Short "Deep Shit", Patrick, Jelle and Martin made an oldskool stopmotion animation. Paint, paper, coffee and a lot of fun made everything come together...

woensdag, juli 13, 2011


For the children's series concept "Sven's Hat" Patrick is re-designing the main characters. Here you see some work in progress stills of the new "Sven" sculpt. And a still of how the first design looks like.... Most important changes will be the body, haircut and eyes....

dinsdag, juni 14, 2011

Suze Gil

One of the leaders made by Suze Gil, as part of her internship. The only restriction was that this leader should end with the Patrick Raats Animation "wordlogo".....

donderdag, juni 02, 2011

"Indy" in da house....!!!

Last days I've been making silicon molds of a sculpture of Indiana Jones.... The sculpture looks brilliant, and is made by my collegue Patrick Schoenmakers. Next week there will be 5 "Indy's".....:) At the left side you see a rough sketch of how the final model is gonna look like...

woensdag, mei 18, 2011


Today my online portfolio, http://www.PatrickRaatsAnimation.nl, is updated again. I changed the set-up of the site a little bit, and added a SERIES page. On this page you can see the children's series I worked on as a director. This month I will try to make an 2011 version of my showreel....

dinsdag, mei 10, 2011

Woezel & Pip

The past months I've been working again on "Woezel & Pip". An animated series for little kids based on popular Dutch children's books by Guusje Nederhorst. I directed 26 episodes till now, and it's great to work with this very talented crew. Produced by Dromenjager Media, KRO and il Luster Producties.

woensdag, april 27, 2011


As part of her internship, Suze Gil is animating two leaders. They both have to end with the wordlogo of Patrick Raats Animation, and should be between the 7 and 10 seconds. Above is shown a work in progress still, of one of her concepts.

woensdag, april 06, 2011


The cover of the "animationbible" for "The Teeth of Time". This is the dutch version.....

The picture has not so much to do with the final film, but we like the creepy atmosphere. For now that's the most important thing: to feel the darkness of this animated Short.

dinsdag, maart 22, 2011

Final board

Some extra stills from the final storyboard...

dinsdag, maart 08, 2011


Together with Victor Elberse, Patrick works on the storyboard of "The Teeth of Time". They work hard to get everything done before the end of March. The 19th of April is the next deadline for animated shorts at the Dutch FilmFund. Producer of the film will be Il Luster Productions.

zondag, februari 27, 2011

Artist Impressions

For the animated short "The Teeth of Time", illustrator Wouter Tulp made some interesting visuals... To see more of this very talented guy, take a look at his blog http://www.woutertulp.blogspot.com/

zaterdag, februari 19, 2011

Sleeping beauty

And another two stills, which will be part of the animation"bible". Next week we will have the first results of the final storyboard....

maandag, februari 07, 2011


Some stills of the claymodel of the dog, who lives around the house in my animated short.... At this moment, we feel quite comfortable, that the dog is keeping our house free of burglars and other dark figures....

vrijdag, januari 28, 2011

Lighting tests for "The Teeth of Time"

Two stills, of how the look of the film should be.....! Together with lighting cameraman Jelle Mulder, we made this lighting tests of the puppets in the final sets. Off course we need to do some "photoshopstuff", like a gradient in the sky, sparkling stars, remove dust....

woensdag, januari 12, 2011

Hard copies

Today we painted some hard copies of the clay characters of "The Teeth of Time". A lot of work, but we're getting there.... Here you can see some work in progress stills.

zaterdag, januari 08, 2011


Everyone best wishes for 2011, with much health and creativity! A new year, with new chances.....
We hope to make a lot of interesting applied animation this year... And off course, try to get the Animated Short "The Teeth of Time" and the children's series "Sven's Hat" in production.
That a lot of beautiful productions can be made...