maandag, januari 02, 2012


For a series of postcards, Patrick is modelling and making photos of 4 animals living on a farm: A pig, a cow, a sheep and a chicken. The cards are for little children, for special events... Soon more news!

zondag, november 27, 2011

"The Tumblies"

I started working on the storyboards, together with Ramon Verberne, for a brand new pre-school series. Pink, blue, yellow and their little dog, will act in 78 funny episodes of 90 seconds. The show will be broadcasted by the KRO (The Netherlands) in the end of 2012. "The Tumblies" will be produced by il Luster Productions, and will be made in CGI.

maandag, oktober 10, 2011

woensdag, september 28, 2011


This is a first colortest of how "Sven" can look like in his fantasyworld.....

dinsdag, augustus 09, 2011

Stopmotion animation

For the animated Short "Deep Shit", Patrick, Jelle and Martin made an oldskool stopmotion animation. Paint, paper, coffee and a lot of fun made everything come together...

woensdag, juli 13, 2011


For the children's series concept "Sven's Hat" Patrick is re-designing the main characters. Here you see some work in progress stills of the new "Sven" sculpt. And a still of how the first design looks like.... Most important changes will be the body, haircut and eyes....

dinsdag, juni 14, 2011

Suze Gil

One of the leaders made by Suze Gil, as part of her internship. The only restriction was that this leader should end with the Patrick Raats Animation "wordlogo".....